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  • Egyptian Documentary ‘Cairo Drive’ Debuts at Festival


    In the last few years, both Egyptian and foreign filmmakers have taken to the streets of Cairo to capture life after the January 25th Revolution. Most have looked into the mechanics of the revolution itself and the legacy that it has forged, while others have focused on the new wave of artistic inspiration that has swept through the arts and culture scene.

    But Egyptian-American filmmaker, Sherief Elkatsha, has chosen to focus on something else all together; something that, whether you like it or not, effects us everyday. That thing is Cairo’s outrageous traffic.

    Following its debut at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, ‘Cairo Drive‘ has been met positively. Filmed over the span of three years and funded by crowd-funding website, IndieGogo, the documentary follows a diverse range of drivers, from private citizens and taxi drivers, to traffic police and ambulance drivers, venting their frustrations with the city’s chaotic traffic and the general state of the country.

    But despite this, Elkatsha insists that this is not a political documentary.

    "It isn't a revolution movie, but it kind of drives around the revolution," he told Reuters. "There was this build-up to what happened in January 2011, and I feel that I somehow captured that."

    Elkatsha also reveals a possible inspiration for the the film; he was once told that that 'you can tell much about the personality of a nation from the conduct of its drivers'. He's not wrong.

    You can find more information on the official 'Cairo Drive' website.