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  • Egyptian Art Satirising Muslim Brotherhood Banned by London Gallery


    London gallery, P21, has this week suffered the scorn of the art community after it was revealed that the powers that be had banned part of collaborative graphic design and sound art exhibition, In the City.

    Providing a glimpse into four Arab cities – Alexandria, Algiers, Baghdad and Nablus – the exhibition is currently on show, but Egyptian artist, Ghada Wali, very quickly found herself in the middle of a censorship dispute, after the gallery refused to include Film Ikhwany  – Wali's 12-piece collection of film posters that poke fun at former Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi.

    P21's head honcho' deemed the collection to be to 'politicised and risky'.

    "This exhibition is not purely political, it is about the city," Wali explained to indexcensorship.org. "Therefore you do touch on the politics. I’m not going to pretend the city is unicorns and ponies.”

    The only thing left to do is take comfort in the fact that misguided censorship exists elsewhere, too. Also, it's important to point out that some of these posters are hilarious.