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  • Darbaka: Three Bands, One Stage at the Music Tent’s Latest Gig


    In what might be the Music Tent’s biggest event of the year, Darbaka is bringing together Cairokee, Massar Egbari and US band, Burn the Ballroom Down…

    It's been a busy and fruitful 2015 for the Music Tent; what can be considered one of the premier live music venues in Cairo has been open less than than a year, but has managed to bring some of the best bands from Egypt and the Middle East to music lovers in its short existence - everyone from Lebanese heart-breakers, Mashrou3 Leila, to sultry songstress, Yasmine Hamdan, to the legendary Omar Khairat and even Aid El Ayoubi - the list goes on and on.

    But what is possibly TMT's biggest gig to date is set to take place on Friday 30th of October, with Egypt's two biggest bands, Cairokee and Massar Egbari, set to take to the stage for the Darbaka Festival on a night that will also see US band, Burn the Ballroom Down, perform.

    Cairokee and Massar Egbari need no introduction, of course, but in Burn the Ballroom Down, TMT attendees are in for a unique show.

    Hailing from Northern Virginia,  the five-man band came together in 2013 and have amassed a following thanks to their fusion of rock, punk and pop, finished with the type of anthemic coating that might well have you stiffly nodding your head and, in a brief moment of poor decision-making, extending your index finger and little finger while holding down the others with your thumb.

    The Darbaka gig is set to be the latest stop-off in the region as part of the bands mini Middle East tour - one that has seen them go to Saudi Arabia and Tunisia, with the band set to also perform in Alexandria before the TMT gig.  We're not selling our boys short, though; Cairokee have gone from strength to strength in 2015, while Alexandria's Massar Egbari have emerged as one of the most popular musical acts in Egypt - a foolproof recipe for another big night at the Music Tent.

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    By Kalam El Qahaira