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  • Chris de Burgh to Perform at the Pyramids in May


    Weeks after Bryan Adams endured a mixed bag of a visit to Egypt that ended with his vintage guitar being defaced by border agents, the latest Western star to take to the stage at the Pyramids has been announced, as Irish-British balladeer, Chris de Burgh, gears up for a Cairo concert on  Thursday 26th of May.

    The gig is the work of perennial party pushers, Laiddaze, whose previous events have almost exclusively been based around nightlife, with electronic music DJs being their preferred form of entertainment. The de Burgh booking makes for a peculiar match between the two parties, but a big one nonetheless.

    De Burgh, who's most famous for 1986 song, Lady in Red, isn't at the peak of his stardom right now, but with 45 million album sales worldwide under his belt, the concert will certainly appeal to the more nostalgic music fans of Cairo.

    Though he's released 8 albums since 2000, mainstream acceptance in Britain and the US has eluded the 67 year old in recent times, with his public profile failing to shake off a publicised affair with a 19 year-old nanny - under his employment while his wife was recuperating from a broken neck - in 1994.

    The incident has haunted de Burgh, who, despite his many fans, stands as a figure a of ridicule in Britain and Ireland, with one critic famously saying of the singer: "Depending on who you ask, Chris de Burgh either specializes in pretentious, bombastic art rock disguised as pop or is a master of penning soaring and majestic compositions."

    The argument feeds into de Burgh being one of the most divisive figures in music over the last three decades, with Lady in Red being consistently voted as one of the most publicly disliked songs - that latest of which was in the a 2014 Rolling Stone readers' poll.

    Whichever side of the fence you fall on, it'll certainly be an interesting and unique night of music.

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    By Kalalm El Qahaira