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  • #CairoSaturdayWalks Goes to London: Photo Exhibit Showcases Beauty of Cairo


    What started as an early morning walking tour for a small group of photographers has since grown to a popular Instagram hashtag and offline exhibition, with the latest news being that the people behind #CairoSaturdayWalks will showcase this collection of fantastic street photography at the Egyptian Cultural Centre in Mayfair, London between the 24th and 27th of May. 

    The inspiring exhibit, which originally launched in Photopia in Heliopolis and Markaz in Zamalek in early 2016, will bring together the work of 50 photographers, including professional and award-winning snappers, such as Galal El Missary, Ahmed Hayman, Bio Hussein, Aisha Al Shabrawy and Karim El Hayawan, with proceeds going towards the construction of a children’s playground or a small library in one of the many neighbourhoods frequented by the tour.

    Credit should be given to El Hayawan; a photographer and architect whose passion for Old Cairo and enthusiasm for exploring the people and architecture of Cairo neighbourhoods, has infected many others, with his tours expanding to over 50 members.

    The tours are free and designed to simply enjoy the urban architecture of the city, helping Cairenes discover unexplored parts of their city’s identity.

    cairosaturdaywalks1(Photo by Karim El Hayawan)

    With the eclectic collection of colourful and visually stunning images to be displayed in London, we hope that others get to see and fall in love with the charisma and culture of Cairo and its streets.

    By Samar El Shams

    (Inset photo by Nour Kamel)