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  • Astronaut Captures Awesome Photo of Pyramids From Space


    American astronaut, Terry Virts, tweeted a photo of Egypt’s pride and joy that he took on his last day in space during a six-month run aboard the International Space Station – and it’s a beauty.

    The image, which has since gone viral, is the the clearest of its kind, showing the three Pyramids of Giza sitting pretty in the vast Egyptian desert. While astronauts have always had a fascination with photographing man-made objects from the black abyss that is space, Virts’ photo is all the more impressive when you consider that the International Space Station orbits at speeds of 5 miles per second.

     Virts’ swift photography skills are made even more impressive when you compare to the last attempt of snapping the Pyramids in April of this year – we’ll give a prize to anyone who can spot the Pyramids*.

    *Nope, this is a lie – there will be no prizes.