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  • Art of Antarctica: Special Exhibition to Celebrate Omar Samra’s Latest Conquest


    Mountaineer, adventurer and all-purpose action man, Omar Samra, added another sizeable notch to his increasingly large belt this year when he became the the first person in history to climb three mountains in Antarctica.

    In climbing the three, he also got the honour of naming them Mount Samra, Mount Teela (his daughter) and Mount Marwa (his late wife), while discovering a reported six new routes.


     It was the latest of addition to Omar’s incredible life and one that will be celebrated with a special exhibition on Friday 17th February at Zamalek’s Caravanserai Art Gallery. Curated by Alya Sabry,  PLANET VII will feature artistic illustrations by Tarek Abdelkawi, photography and videos of Samra’s historic achievement, as well as several interactive audiovisual pieces, with Samra and artist, Abdelkawi, set to speak.


    “Making a first ascent has always been a dream of mine,” said Samra of his trip. “However, exploration is not just about going to someplace first; it’s about trying to become the best version of ourselves every day of your life. And to do so we need to constantly work hard to explore where our boundaries lie and then push them even further still. It is in these precious moments that we can truly discover what we were born to do.”

    For more information on the exhibition, check out the Omar Samra Facebook page.

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    By Kalam El Qahaira