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  • An Interview with the misa7aratty 2012


    Shady Noor, has taken on this intitive in ramadan, where he went on the streets, with a drum, mega phone and starting waking up people in the middle of the night to have suhor !

    Hell he even came under my house and started shouting my name to wake up ! i think that day he had with 3arossi … well i am not sure i was watching tv at 2am and i had him screaming out of my window!  IT WAS CUTE !!!! IT WAS DIFFERENT AND I LOVED IT !

    1. What drove you to do the mes7arati thing ?

    - Well, i was sitting outdoor on the night ramadan began, having late night conversations about the meaning of life, and trees.. Till i saw the of zamalek pass by banging on his little thing saying “is7a ya nayim wa7id el dayim”.
    So i thought to my self “what a lovely forgotten tradition that was”, and also thought “what a pretty boring misa7aratty he is!.” The retarded ideas grew and grew till i concluded
    (1. A Big Bass drum
    (2. The Megaphone (i use to sing at my parties)
    (3. And an alternating group of intellectuals who are ready to walk around zamalek in galabeyas waking everyone the hell up..

    2. How did the other mesraratyia in the street react ?

    - He got incredibly jealous, very pissed off.. He made me a list of 101 reasons why i should stop and none of them made sense,. One of which included “Ya ostaz shady, min sanatein kan fe walad beylif el…” my mind drifted back into trees & the meaning of life..

    3. Any body shouted at you from their house ?

    - Lovely old women asking me to wake up their old husbands . Mothers telling me “Sa7y ibny, ibny zuhair”, so i megaphone “is7ah ya zuuuhaaairrrr”.

    4. what was people reactions in the streets to it ?

    - The people absolutely loved it. We got smiles & jokes everywhere. People working in shops around zamalek called us “Misa7aratty 2012″. People applauding from their buildings for keeping the tradition going. People stopped their cars and took pictures with us. Was really fun

    5. Who joined in with you on it ? 

    The group changed nearly every single time we did it but the following people took part in waking zamalek up for so7our;
    - “D-shay” Ahmed Aroussi (p.s: We are playing at jazzclub next friday the 24th)
    - Ragui Elissa
    - Ellie wyness
    - Ben Kaplan
    - Mahmoud Sherif
    - Susi gad

    6. how did you feel, when you were doing it?

    REFRESHING. Making everyone smile & laugh out of being truly happy is something you dont get alot these days, and when its real.. it really sticks, something to cherish..