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  • Amnesty Ireland & Electric Picnic Pay Tribute to Women of Egypt

    Image: Amnesty Ireland

    Since the January 25th Revolution, many an Egyptian artist has taken to using the streets of the country as their canvas. Though the practice and very concept of graffiti is still tainted with taboo, the murals seen across Cairo’s walls have made headlines across the world.

    Taking inspiration from this, Amnesty Ireland have paid tribute to Egypt’s graffiti renaissance and the battle against sexual harassment by pulling together several of Ireland’s most accomplished street artists in a show of solidarity.

    The tribute has comes as the Irish town of Stradbally prepares for the 2013 edition of annual arts and music festival, Electric Picnic, and has been welcomed by all. Several artists will continue to work on the mural throughout the festival.

    Street artist, Kathrina Rupit, works on the mural.
    Image: Amnesty Ireland

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