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  • About Time you go to India


    India is rich with religions diversity and breathtaking landscapes. It is also home to the massive, Taj Mahal Palace. The culture is, as well, rich with the arts of dancing, film-making, drawing and fashion design. India by the Nile will be bringing all this, and more for the SIXTH time! If you have missed it before, make sure not miss it this time.

    Dance 2

    The festival will be home to a variety of performances, seminars, exhibitions, and workshops. Starting off with Malavika Sarukkai’s Ensemble: a dynamic team of dancers performing “Thari – the Loom” dance. The dynamic dance is called the “dance cloth” because it explores the artistic relationship between the dancer and the weaver.This event will take place in Cairo and Alexandria. Up next, is the exhibition of Yogesh Saini: a street artist exhibiting his unique talents at Helwan University.

    If you like Indian music, you will surely like the Sarod player, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan. Over decades, this Grammy winning artist developed a unique set of skills, when it comes to playing the Sarod. He will be performing in the Arab Music Institute and Sayed Darwish Theatre. Kabir Café will also be singing some of Kabir’s verses: a band dedicated to shedding light on the talents of the late Kabir, the verses sung will be fused with a mix of classic pop, reggae, rock and folk tunes.

    Food 2

    For the Bollywood dance fanatics, India by the Nile is bringing seven workshops: five in Cairo, one in Alex and Port Said! If, afterwards, you need to recharge your battery with some Indian cuisine, five food fiestas will be running for five days ― consecutively ― at India Along the Nile restaurant in Semiramis Intercontinental!

    India by the Nile will be giving you a chance to relax as well, with five “Yoga & Well Being” workshops, and one Yoga seminar.Additionally, the Egyptian Photographer, Khaled Gawdat, will be showcasing his works on India through photographs. Having taken several pictures ―that immaculately establish the richness and diversity of the culture ―you will find yourself lost in his mesmerising photography.

    film 2

    The festival will also offer two screenings in Cairo for the award winning blockbuster, “Baahubali”; and there will be one screening of a children’s film called, “Hawaa Hawaii.”Last but not least, the world renowned fashion designer, Tarun Tahiliani, will be offering the audience an interactive session of Indian design sketching.

    Don’t let the chance of creating new memories with India by the Nile slip through your fingers. The world doesn’t offer many chances; and if it does, you should embrace them right away.