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  • 1 Million Secondary Students Will Get Samsung Tablets for the Upcoming Academic Year


    Al Ahram Online reported that Egypt has accepted Samsung’s offer to supply the first year secondary students with 1 million tablets within a few days. This came as part of Egypt’s plans to shift to electronic education.

    The deal that the government struck with Samsung came after receiving 7 offers from different manufacturers. And, with Samsung being a leader in smartphones and tablets manufacturing, the offer came at 2.4bn, with one tablet cost around $80 (1400LE).

    The tablets will be used in recording attendance, taking exams, and will generally help students have a seamless experience when it comes to performing different tasks in class.

    Previously, the Ministry of Education declared that “Thannaweya Ammah” will be a thing of history by 2026, with plans of gradually allowing students to take books with them to exams starting from this year’s kindergarten and primary students.