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    Five Ramadan Tents That Will Scratch Your Nightlife Itch

    Who said you can't have nighttime fun during Ramadan?

    We Asked A Nutritionist How to Get Through Ramadan, and This is What They Said

    Here's what the Head of the Nutrition Education Unit at the National Nutrition Institute recommends.

    Gringo's Might Have Already Won 'Most Creative Ramadan Menu'...

    A Mexican Ramadan? Yeah, go on then, why not.

    Quiz: Which Ramadan Series Should You Watch?

    Should you follow Asser Yassin's eerie journey to uncovering the truth about himself? Or perhaps Don

    Seven Parties in Cairo to Sneak In Before Ramadan

    Just a quick one. Or two.

    Breaking: Sinai Hotspot 'Kiteloop' Demolished Without Notice

    Ras Sudr's popular beach-side bungalow camp was torn down days after celebrating its 6th anniversary

    16 Things Egyptian Women Need to Know About Their 'Land Down Under'

    When Egyptian women don't know these 16 facts, it's no wonder the current population is over 95 mill

    El Dor El Awal: Mizo Gamel on His Passion for Percussion, Egypt's Music Scene & Going International

    We sat down with charismatic musician, Mizo Gamal, ahead of El Dor El Awal's latest gig at Cairo Jaz

    Quiz: How Egyptian Are You Really?

    Are you masry 100-100 ?

    The TOD Season Closer is This Weekend and it's One Not to Miss

    TOD are going all-out for its last hurrah (for now).

    This is How Much The Top Ramadan Series Stars Earned

    Spoiler: One of them got paid in $$$.

    La Bodega Opens Swanky New Branch at Galleria40

    Yay, Cairo has a La Bodega again!

    #HowIRoll The UAE Edition: Mori Celebrates 1st Anniversary in Dubai

    Happy 1st Birthday to Mori Sushi Dubai!

    Baz Francis: New Album, Flying Solo & First Time in Egypt

    The Brit has leaped into a solo career and one of his first stops is at Cairo Jazz Club...

    We Know What Ramez Galal's Prank is This Year...

    Ramez Galal manages to simultaneously anger and entice people with his Ramadan prank show. Find out

    'Gaza Surf Club' is Premiering in Cairo This Weekend and Will Give You All the Feels

    After making a big impression on the festival circuit, 'Gaza Surf Club' has finally landed in Cairo.

    Leaked Photo Confirms That Next Assassin’s Creed Game WILL Be Set in Egypt

    After a year of rumours, Assassin's Creed fans have their answer.