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  • Watch: 15 Live Songs That Will Introduce You to RHCP & Make You Fall in LOVE

    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    We’ve all heard about Red Hot Chili Peppers bringing their hottest tunes to a Pyramids stage. Unfortunately, some unlucky folks haven’t heard of the band or haven’t fallen in love with it yet, but we are here to change all of that. This list is dedicated to all the loyal lovers out there and the freshmen, who are bound to fall in love. We just couldn’t skip out on the psychedelic instrumentals, crazy performances, and overall awesome showmanship of RHCP touring the world. Here are 15 different songs and live performances of RHCP.


    1) Can’t Stop


    2) Dark Necessities


    3) Californication


    4) Sick Love


    5) Don’t Forget Me


    6) Aeroplane


    7) Under the bridge


    8) Otherside


    9) Dani California


    10) Give it Away


    11) Wet Sand


    12) Soul to Squeeze


    13) Around the World


    14) Snow


    15) Tell Me Baby