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    OMR & ADRY

    OMR and ADRY may not be names you see pop up in Egypt that often, but the Cairo DJs/producers have been turning heads in Europe with Toms - a recent release under Swiss record label, No Definition. OMR has been featured on CG Tunes before with Catch a Ride, but Toms marks the first entry into the library by ADRY, who stands as one of the most prolific Egyptian DJs plying his trade in Europe. Based in Helsinki, Finland, ADRY's musical journey started at the tender age of 16 hen he became involved in event organising. The release has already boosted the profile of OMR, meanwhile, who continues to make an impact on the local scene, with his next gig coming on Friday 14th of August at O Bar - and hopefully there's more to come. Anyway, you didn't come here to read - press play.