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  • The Journey

    The Meteors Project

    Following a stellar night of spinning and strumming dope tricks at Nacelle’s Crazy P gig, local musical madmen, the Meteors Project, have released album, The Journey, on the endless pool of musical unearthing that is Soundcloud. Usually, there are very particular words and phrases that one is forced to use on GC Tunes – more often than not, that divisive word ‘house’ is part of the jumble. But to put a finger on the Meteors Project’s music would do it a grave disservice. Call me pretentious if you must, but some things are just too complex for our poorly-evolved human ears. Utilising electronic elements and live instrumentation – yeah, it can be done – Gaser El Safty and Karim El Zanfally are really quite something. Check out the title track, yo.