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  • Sick of House? Check Out This New Sewwes Set…Funk, Jazz, Disco & More


    While the musical library that is CG Tunes is largely dominated by house music in all its colourful varieties, there are the occasional entries that buck the trend - case in point being the latest work of a DJ that some might have heard of, Sewwes. Recent appearances at the Tap have put the DJ, real name Marwan El Swaisy, under the spotlight a little more, but we have a 1 hour 34 minute crash course in Sewwes, which comes in the form of his latest set, f(Funk) V3. Bringing together underground jazz, disco, funk and a few surprises, it's a all a rather refreshing and versatile alternative to the norm and we can't wait for more - check it out.

    (Artwork: Karina Al Piaro, 'The Nile's New Wave')