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  • [Seashell Beats] ECHO

    Hisham Zahran/Sebzz/Bedouin/Ismail Hazzaa

    As we approach another weekend in what has been an eventful summer for most, CG Tunes is proud to bring to you another playlist from the increasingly large musical library that is Seashell Beats. If you haven't been following the Seashell Beats series, sit back and let us paint you a picture. Once upon a time, a nomad whose name no one knows stumbled on a pristine stretch of beach along the North Coast. As he looked deep into the azure blue waters, he was overcome with a sensory feast of a vision; a deep, heavy, melodic beat came from the skies as he looked at the rainbow of seashells around him. It was then that he had an epiphany of the highest magnitude; an epiphany that gave birth to the Sahel's next top destination, Seashell. Driven by this vision, he trekked the width and depth of Egypt in search for the greatest DJs in the land, who came together in holy union to put together a string of exclusive sets to celebrate the coming birth of Seashell, and he proclaimed, BEHOLD ye electronic music fans; Hisham Zahran, Sebzz, Bedouin and Ismail Hazzaa. Download the Seashell Beats app through the miracle of smartphones on iPhone and Android.