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  • Scissor Sisters

    Scissor Sisters

    It came to my attention that there is one band, that is not that known in egypt... they are called Scissor Sisters... and well I LOVE THEM.. so I wanted to share with you what i love about them. They are also known for their... hmm somewhat interesting videos. before we start with the videos, press play ... you will listen to what is literally fast paced electronic house, its Seamus Haji remix of Fuck Yea by Scissor Sisters... I sometimes enjoy working out to this in the gym! So the videos, I will start with their song Invisble light..


    and of course of their new album "Magic Hour' there is this song called Shady Love

    My personal Favourite is called Any Which Way, and lets have a kiki .. .but those two songs are not for anyone... its an acquired taste

    but with lets have a kiki, this song has been remixed over a 100 times, as it was a big hit in certain clubs in the states.. and uk... so here some remixes If you like the dark beat