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  • New Year, New Set: SHIHA Kicks Off 2017 with 13th Edition of Clubbing Purposes


    What can we say about SHIHA that we haven't said already? Widely considered to be one of the most underrated and underappreciated DJs in Egypt, judge SHIHA not on how little you see his name plastered across Facebook event banners, but by his growing achievements. Having originally broken onto the scene as a techno-heavy DJ, SHIHA now stands as one of the most well-rounded and eclectic DJs in the country, with his long-running series, Clubbing Purposes, paying testament to that. Chapter 13 of the series sees SHIHA call on the likes of Sasha Brarmer, Viken Arman and Coburn in weaving together a one-hour-plus set that takes on a ride of progressive, tech, deep and even Afro house.