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  • Live @ Cairo Jazz Club (06-10-14)

    DJ Fuzzy & Ayman Nageeb

    I'd hate to say 'I told you so', but we've been saying all year that dastardly duo, DJ Fuzzy & Ayman Nageeb, are on their way to becoming mainstays of Cairo's nightlife scene. Having featured several times on CG Tunes in 2014, the twosome have been out and about as of late and have left an impression everywhere they've gone. They may not be clad in ironic pseudo-hipster t-shirts and skinny jeans or be the whipping boys of a delusional and talentless snake of an event organiser who preys on male bar staff in drug-and-alcohol fuelled rampages, but they know how to put a set together. Point in case being their recent appearance at Cairo Jazz Club. Enjoy.