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  • Listen: Who Is This Marshmello Guy Teaming up with Amr Diab?


    As a matter of fact, if you don’t know Marshmello, but claim to be into electronic progressive house and trap music, we could also wonder if in fact you know anything about these genres at all. The guy has garnered almost 1 billion views for his “Alone” music video, plus over 2 billion views for the rest of his videos on YouTube.

    He has played alongside Skrillex, Diplo, and more big shots in the DJing arena. Marshmello has also had a run with Selena Gomez in Wolves. What is he doing with Amr Diab exactly? According to his tweet, they are working on a collaboration that’s going to unite Marshmello’s insane sampling of instruments and bass with Amr Diab’s ever nostalgic and heart-warming lyrics and vocals.

    Check out some of Marshmello’s tracks and songs.