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  • Listen: Vote for the Best Emerging DJ to Get His/Her Music Heard!


    Remember when we said that there is a chance for all the emerging DJs to get their music heard? Well, guess what! A lot people swamped Blue 40’s post with their eclectic sets, and we have seen how 10 of the shared tracks skyrocketed to make it to the semi-finals of the competition. Basically, in the semi-finals, you will be voting for the best track by liking, sharing, and commenting on the post of your favourite track. For those who took part in the competition, get your friends, family, partners, and everyone to help you make it to the Sound of Blue 40 top 4 (finals). We are excited to see who makes it.

    1) Deep Revelation - Muhamed Abdelrady


    2) The Groove 3 - George Adel


    3) Cairo Tales - Omar Sherif


    4) Under Skin V - Marouane El-Boushi


    5) Lost in Time – Ahmed Hazem


    6) Deep Dance – 29 – DjMo Omran


    7) Temporarily Unknown – Shady Ismail Sabry


    8) Naked Soul Vol.2 – Kareem Mohamed


     9) Unlimited Emotions 10 – Dalia Hashem

    Fullscreen capture 8122018 35856 PM


    10) Mohamed El Shihaby - The Mix Jam

    Fullscreen capture 8122018 40813 PM