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  • Listen to Key66 Production’s Take on ‘Ramadan Gana’

    Key66 Productions

    Combining the traditional and the contemporary has become a hallmark of Ramadan in Egypt these days, but few have managed to do so with music in any real way - enter Sary Hany's Key66. The Cairo-based production house and musical collective have put five of their best forward for a unique track that puts a modern spin on Ramadan Gana for Red Bull Egypt.

    While many abide by the rule that too many cooks spoil the broth, Ahmed 'Hudz' El Hady, Omar El Deeb, Hisham El Manasterly, Amr Khaled and Amir El Sherei have combined their considerable talents in a short-but-sweet remix of sorts that sees the fab five once again demonstrate why they are among the most sought-after producers in the country.

    Click here to listen.

    Photo: Motaz Ibrahim/Red Bull