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    Hello World Choir

    Girls and women have always been contributing silently to the modern world’s sociopolitical and economic dynamics. Lately, there is a growing awareness around women’s issues contributing to a better understanding of the gender gap, but there is still a lot to be done in order to break down assumptions and stereotypes.  It is with women that have been sharing their stories with the world and especially with those that move between and across borders; that we can be more positive and encourage role models for future generations.

    A female choir has bedazzled us with their songs, marking themselves visible from the hidden neighborhoods of Hadayek in Maadi. This group carried a message of hope for emancipation, emanating change of perception around young women in the Arab world.

    Hello World Choir is a group of Sudanese, both young girls and women ( 11 to 27 in age ), an Egyptian volunteer and a Greek singer/artist. Their EP album "Shagara" introduces us to their dreams, obstacles and instills a will for equality. Initiated by the artist Maria Sideri and with the support of Tadamon (Egyptian Refugee Multicultural Council), this successful contribution started on a voluntary basis during her residency with the Townhouse Gallery in November 2015.

    The outcome of this one-year collaboration is this EP that contains 4 original songs and a cover of a traditional Sudanese song. It takes influences from traditional Sudanese folk, pop and electronic music and combines choral techniques with synths, electronic beats, oud, gambri, percussion, guitars, flutes and densely-layered vocals.

    We are pleased to discover and share this with you!

    Click here to play the album and contribute to support the choir’s future activities.

    hello world choir