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  • Listen: Number 1 Takes Number 1 on Most Trending Videos List

    Mohamed Ramadan

    We wanted to check what’s trending today, and weirdly enough, we found out that Mohamed Ramadan’s song is the number one trending video on YouTube (No he didn’t quit acting; he’s just singing)!

     For a couple of years, Ramadan has been bolstering his image of being number one by grossing lots of money, getting lots of very, very expensive cars, cutting loads of deals with advertisers and production houses. Etisalat Egypt’s latest ads made that ever so clear lately. But do you think he’s going too far this time? Does he come off as cocky or is he just proud of his skills at acting?

    The video starts with Ramadan watching what people are saying about him: some of them diss him for the roles he took, while others mark him as a once-in-a-decade kind of talent. While his expressions misled us into believing that he’s not happy about it, and that he is gonna sing something emotional; the hey “I am a human too” kind of thing, but NO! This is not what happened! In fact, Ramadan has made one more Mahragan to tell us that he is number one in his field. We can’t deny that he’s a great actor with lots of potential, and that we loved the previous ads/series/movies just like everyone else. However, that doesn’t give him the right to… you know what, watch the video and tell us what you think.


    By Sara Mosharef