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  • Listen: Mohamed Ramdan Makes Another Song About His “Happiness”

    Mohamed Ramadan

    Is Mohamed Ramadan stopping anytime soon? We don’t think so. His lavish “sha3by” songs about how he has become G (who is infinitely rolling in a dope lifestyle of, money, the swankiest cars, and a reputation that is as flammable as kerosene) are unending. While he had coded himself with the “King”, it is obsessively taking over his life. Ramadan has now hit us with another cringeworthy song called ‘El Malek’, in which he babbles about his ludicrous lifestyle. Of course, this type of song is trending number 1 on YouTube, as did “Number 1” song; so, if you think he’s not doing it right, he probably is – at least the marketing part.

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