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  • Listen: Mahmoud El Esseily’s Newest Hit!

    Mahmoud El Esseily

    Mahmoud El Esseilyhas managed to become one of the top singers here in Egypt and all over the Arab world. Everyone knows he can fire up any place he goes to, because all of his songs and performances leave their mark in all the parties and weddings. Hence, his ability to create catchy songs that get stuck in everyone’s mind, has reached perfection. All we can say is,chapeau to you Mr. Esseily. His latest song is called ‘Helm Be3eed,’ and it has left all the Egyptians singing and dancing. Today, it is the number five most trending video on YouTube.

    PS: If you fall in love with the song, or if you already love Esseily, catch him this weekend at 6IX Degrees.


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