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  • Listen: Hassan Abou Alam Releases New Track on German Label Audiolith

    Hassan Abou Alam

    Earlier this year, Hassan Abou Alam, was included on a list of five local DJs that could dominate the music scene in 2016 - and it seems like our predictions might just prove to be right, with the news that the Cairo DJ's latest masterpiece, Fragile Things, has been released on German label, Audiolith, as part of popular compilation series, Stiff Little Spinners.

    There is, of course, nothing stiff nor fragile about the unique sound that Abo Alam has cultivated during his musical journey - one that started at the tender age of 15 when he caught the eye of Rapid Fire Records. The release is the latest notch on the belt of a man that has come to be one of the most talented DJs in Egypt, thanks to his satisfyingly cathartic dark and broody techno stylings - now is the time you press play.