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  • Listen: Hany Adel & Hassan el-Shafei Revive An 800-Year-Old Poem

    Hany Adel & Hassan El Shafei

    What happens when a great singer collaborates with a great composer & producer? A masterpiece is born into this world. This is what happened when Hany Adel, the vocalist of Wust El Balad, decided to create a song with the internationally renowned Hassan el-Shafei. The song is called “Qalby Yohdathony”, and it is truly a work of art. The lyrics have been adapted from Ebn el-Fared’s poem, which dates back to the Abbasid dynasty. el-Shafie left us speechless when it came to how he mixed the song with electro beats and oriental tunes; and Adel’s vocals and skill in speaking classical Arabic left us bedazzled. It is only normal to find this song competing with international songs, since it brought modern music to an 800-year-old poem (approximately)!

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