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  • Listen: Egyptian-French Duo Bruit d’Hélice Featured on Grainy London

    Bruit d'Hélice

    There are tons of locals uploading they're sets every week, but if there's one particular act to keep an eye on right now, its Bruit d'Hélice - aka Møødz and Charley Edmond. After the success of their CG Tunes-featured first podcast, the Egyptian-French twosome have spread their wings to parts unknown, so to speak, with a set for Grainy London - a platform that invites DJs to leave their name at the door and enter a musical sphere without expectations or limitations under the alias, grainy. Featuring tracks from the likes of  Cristi Cons, Viktor Udvari and Ion Ludwig among many others, Møødz and Edmond skilfully find a middle ground between the dark and the groovy for an excellent, tight set.