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  • Listen: A Few Blissful Years on Earth with Avicii, Lots of Music


    The late, 28-year-old, Tim Bergling (AKA Avicii) has enthralled the larger audiences of the world with his music. While he has become the essence of many parties, celebrations and even weddings, it is the world’s misfortune to bid Avicii farewell after too few blissful years on earth. In honour of treasuring music that will always remain, and a death that may have been unexpected to most of us, we decided to give you this edition of CG tunes as a thank you note to the legendary DJ, Avicii.   

    1) Broken Arrows

    2) The Days 

    3) Heaven Ft. Chris Martin

    4) Hey Brother

    5) Wake Me Up

    6) Levels

    7) Waiting For Love


    By Sara Mosharef