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  • Listen: 15 World Cup Songs About Egypt That We Love


    Lately, Facebook has been swamped up with songs for the World Cup. So here are some of our favourites, and some honourable and funny mentions (we won't say which is funny, you guess) as well.

    E27na El Fara3na – Abu

    Bel Head wel Lop - Head & Shoulders

    Pepsi’s Training Songs


    Shaga3 Ya Kotsh – Orange


    Coca Cola’s

    E2w3a Te2l3 El T-Shirt - Coca Cola

    Colours – Jason Derulu ft. Tamer Hosny – (Coca Cola’s (Egyptian) Anthem for the World Cup)

    Colours – Jason Derulu – Coca Cola (Coca Cola’s Anthem for the World Cup)

    Eyya Eya OOOO – Coca Cola (Honourable Mention)


    Yaly 3ash – Samir Ramadan (We Campaign for the World Cup/Ramadan)

    Level Tany 5ales - Dolce Egypt

    Masr f Kas EL 3alam – Presentation Sports (Honourable mention)

    Gayeen Mn Kol 7eta – MBC Masr


    By Adel M. Fakhry

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