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  • Listen: 10 Favourites in Memory of Rim Banna

    Rim Banna

    After 9 years of surviving cancer, the Palestinian rebel and singer, Rim Banna, died in her hometown, Nazareth, yesterday. Her angelic voice and outstanding skill at controlling her vocal chords made her a sensation for Palestinians and Egyptians alike. Performing at Bibliotheca Alexandrina and El Genaina Theatre in Egypt, she enchanted many Egyptians and got herself an even larger following. Ever since starting her professional career in 1985, she released ten albums that inspired hope, reawakened love, battled authorities and challenged our philosophical perception of life. She also re-recorded traditional Palestinian songs that were going to be buried in the rubble of war.

    1) Astonished by You and Me


    2) Supply Me with an Excess of Love

    3) The Absent One

    4) Hala la la lia

    5) Oh Long Night

    6) When We Become A Little Bigger

    7) Tell the World

    8) Fly Love

    9) The Night has Come

    10) Seasons of Purple


    By Adel M. Fakhry