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  • It’s Not Much

    Living Too Late

    While the pages of CG Tunes are usually dominated by the increasing number of DJs in Egypt, there's been a rumour doing the rounds that suggests that there are other forms of music apart from house and oriental-fusion (whatever that is) being produced right here in Cairo - shock, horror! Though venues such as VENT, Balcon Lounge and ROOM Art Space have been championing the underground music scene, it's still a very much neglected element of Cairo's surprisingly eclectic stream of musical output - a stream that is set to welcome an upcoming EP from local shoegaze rockers, Living Too Late. Almost a year after the five-man outfit's wistful self-titled debut EP received a generally positive reception (almost 10,000 combined listens on SoundCloud is not be scoffed at), Living Too Late have announced the coming release of another record and have given the ravenous Cairo public a sneak-peek with opening track, It's Not Much.