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  • Holograms (Original Mix)

    Saccao + OMR & ADRY

    Having played several gigs in Cairo last year, Saccao is no stranger to house fans in Egypt and the London-based Greek DJ seems to have caught 'the bug' - once you drink from the Nile, etc - because his upcoming release, Reason For Living, features none other than Helsinki-based Egyptian duo, OMR & ADRY, who in turn are no strangers to the pages of CG Tunes. Set to be released on February 19th on German label, Milk & Sugar Recordings, the EP sees our Egyptian brethren collaborate with Saccao on upbeat track, Holograms, which marks another milestone of sorts for the twosome, who have been making waves across Europe over the last few months and are set to perform in Cairo this Friday as part of Music Square - if you ask nicely, maybe they'll play it.