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  • Habibi Funk 03

    Jannis Sturtz

    If we, as Egyptians, are guilty of anything, it's that we have come to cultivate this peculiar and constant under-appreciation of our own heritage. This is neither the time nor place to dive into the sociological and anthropological deep-end, but it seems more and more that others - non-Egyptians -  find novelty and value in Egyptian and Arab culture - none more so than Jannis Sturtz, of Jakarta Records.

    This special entry into the CG Tunes archive is actually the third set in Sturtz's Habibi Funk series, which sees the German DJ and producer scour North Africa for old vinyls and remix 60s and 70s songs from across the Middle East. Part three of the increasingly popular series features music from Tunisia, Lebanon and Morocco, amongst others, with Egypt being represented twice by Ammar El Sheri'i, who you may remember as the man behind 80s Egyptian pop group, Al Asdiqaa' (The Friends). So popular is the series, in fact, that Habibi Funk was launched as a sub-label of Jakarta Rocrods, dedicated to old Arabic music - find out more here.