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  • Doing Laundry [EP]


    Zuli - aka, Ahmed El Ghazoly - is a man with many fingers in many pies and can boast some impressive notches on his musical CV; co-founder of VENT, occasional maniacal hip-hopper, Swag Lee, one half of trip-hop duo, Quit Together, one half of Wonderful Morning, stalwart member of jet-setting crew, KIK, and owner of the best hat collection in Egypt.

    I'm not here to convince you of Zuli's talents; just mentioning his name on Cairo's growing electronic music scene puts loins into overdrive and he's built a reputation of being one of the most creative musical practitioners in the city - a deserving title that has translated into overseas acknowledgement, too, the highlight of which was surely a spot on the SXSW line-up in 2013 with Quit Together. But I can keep waxing lyrical all day - instead, check out what the man himself had to say about new EP, Doing Laundry.

    Between May 2012 and August 2013 I shared a flat in Heliopolis with 3 of my best friends. Because we were all artists, it was naturally one of the most inspiring times of my life.

    Now, there are few things in life I hate more than doing the washing up, so I cut a deal with them where I'd be in charge of doing laundry for everyone, and in return, never have to do the dishes - ever. We had this 1970s Whirlpool washing machine that used to make the most interesting sounds.

    I was hanging out in the kitchen one day waiting for it to finish and the sounds coming out of it were so rhythmic, I decided to have a go at emulating them, and that's how "Pt A" happened; I threw in an Anne Peebles sample and it became a Swag Lee beat. Of course the next step was to sample the machine using my field recorder. So I did that and made "Pt B", "Pt C" and "Pt D" (the latter revolves around clicks from twisting the machine's main knob).

    Almost a year later, I realized I had 4 finished Doing Laundry tracks, 2 of which people have only heard in my live sets. So I put them together on an EP along with an Abyusif remix of "Pt B" and - for jokes - a couple of mash-ups of some old Egyptian detergent ads.