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  • Listen: Catch Wust El Balad Live at CJC 610, but Warm up Here!

    Wust El Balad

    Wust El Balad  has been fusing Oriental sounds with Western tunes for well over a decade now. The release of their “Bantaloni El Jeans” album in 2017, hits the soft spots we have for classical Western music, Egyptian traditional mawaweel, and even modern hip songs. The new album explores ― light-heartedly ― several aspects of the dystopian present we live in; from our obsession with social media, to the uncomfortable feelings many of the youngsters and adults deal with. To say the least, the band members' skill-set has been topping everyone's expectations, and people have been dying to attend live performances of their latest album. If you find yourself getting your kicks out of Wust El Balad’s fusions, they will be performing “Bantaloni El Jeans” album ― live ― at Cairo Jazz Club 610 on Wednesday, the 7th of March. Until then though, warm up with some of their artistic music videos.

    The band has been growing its fan-base because of its eclectic talents: Hany Adel as the lead vocalist and guitarist, and Adham El Saied as the "mawaweel" vocalist. As per instrumentals, Wust El Balad has Ahmed Omran on the Oud; Ahmed Omar on bass guitar; AsaadNessim on Spanish guitar; Ehab Abdel Hameed on the Cajón, and Mohamed Gamal Al-Din on percussion duty.  Since being founded in 1999, the band has released four albums: Wust El Balad (2008), Robabekya (2011), Krakib (2014), and their latest,Bantaloni El Jeans (2017).