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  • BESCAST #013 Ft. Three Machines

    Three Machines

    If there's been one success story on Egypt's electronic music scene in the past 18 months, it's that of local label, BESWORX. Founded in late 2014 on a base of techno, tech, deeper house cuts and art, Mohey, Gaser, Chiati, SLim Nasr and co have been slowly but surely sowing their musical seeds into Cairo. With several releases in their catalogue and an increasing number of well-received gigs, the label has also reached out beyond Egypt, with the latest chapter of series, BESCAST - the first of 2016 - setting the stage for Beirut-based, Three Machines, to introduce themselves to music fans in Cairo. With a couple of successful releases under Spanish label, SINCOPAT, the Lebanese duo come on a wave of momentum of their own - check it out.