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  • 10 Most Loved Songs that Make no Sense


    Music is meant to move our bodies, even if their lyrics were found to be meaningless, and regardless of the universe progressing, one thing surely hasn't: this type of songs never cease to exist. Here are some of the most old and fresh Arabic songs that are staying true to that ideal!

    1) Habbet Hob - Maya Nasri


    2) Shankooti - Essam Kareka


    3) Ghamazat - Diab


    4) Ghazali - Mostafa Amr & Hamid El Shaeri


    5) Motreb Hamboli - Marwa


    6) Keshr El Bondok - Hamid El Shaeri


    7) Kamanana - Mohamed Foad & Mohamed Henedi


    8) So Ya So - Mohamed Monier


    9) Jaljeli - Hamid El Shaeri


    10) Karakashangy - Ahmed Adawaya


    By Sara Mosharef

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