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  • Ramy DJunkie Brings the Boogie Back to Cairo Jazz Club

    While the arrival of Sahel Season has shaped weekend-planning, gym routines and how long you're stuck in the pit of self-loathing that is  returning home with considerably much less money than you thought after a few days on the North Coast, Cairo Jazz Club has been going about its business as the only bar in Cairo to feature live entertainment every single...night...of...the...week. After its Ramadan sabbatical, CJC emerged with a lil' makeover and a big sound system upgrade, while wasting no time in getting back to swing of things. The likes of singers Basheer and Michelle Rounds, as well as DJs Feedo and Moste, have taken to the stage thus far, but many were waiting for a particular night - of the boogie variety. The Boogie Monster himself, Ramy DJunkie made a welcome return, providing a typically funky backdrop for a typically big night.