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  • In Photos: Two Wines and a New Label for Ayam Wines

    Since 1882, Gianaclis Vineyards have been Egypt’s premium wine-maker, and we’ve seen a selection of their wines everywhere we’ve been. A few days ago, they celebrated the relaunch of their Ayam wines at InterContinental Semiramis, where we saw them adding some new wines to their collection. A Rosé, and a Reserve Red join red and white wine variants, and all are now dressed with a new label. Gianaclis’ long history in Egypt, marks this event as a point in which the past, present, and the future connect. It comes to bear witness to the advancements Gianaclis have been making in the field of wine-making. Without compromising the familiar taste we’ve all got used to, their new selection is forward-looking, but with a nod to the past.