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  • In Photos: The Second Annual Edition of Wadi Food's Olive Harvest Festival

    Thomas Jefferson once said that "the olive tree is surely the richest gift of heaven", going on to also say that it's "the most interesting plant in existence." One might argue that this monstrosity is the most interesting plant in existence, for example, but the olive tree certainly is a most wondrous thing - a sentiment that Wadi Food celebrated with the second annual Olive Harvest Festival. Taking place at the Wadi Food Farm along the Cairo-Alex Desert Road on a brisk winter day, attendees got to handpick their own olives, while learning about the cultivation process and see how olive oil is made. As the first and only event of its kind, it all made for a fun, quaint day and with this being a Wadi Food event, there was plenty of food to indulge in, too, as well as live entertainment. How lovely!