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  • In Photos: #TB Singalongs, Boogieing & Nostalgia with Moustafa Amar & DJunkie at CJC 610

    Moustafa Amar has been with us since birth, and lots of memories have piled up over the years with his existence in our lives. With all of that being said, one of our fav spots in the capital, Cairo Jazz Club 610, hosted Moustafa Amar on "Ma Yatlboh Al Mostam3on" night. And, it was one of a kind because some got to see their childhood and teenage singing idol live for the first time, and others got to see him all over again with the same vibes he had always carried. Well, we could easily say that it was amazing, but imagine a closing set by the one and only spinner, Ramy DJunkie? You guess that right, the night rocked.