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  • In Photos: OPPO Celebrates F7 Launch in Egypt with ABU

    Last week, OPPO invited many of Cairo's selfie enthusiasts and social media influencers to their launch of what they dubbed as the device to "Capture the real you," OPPO F7. The phone’s launch in Egypt is synonymous with the highly rising need of taking the best selfies in the Egyptian market. With the latest technological advancements OPPO made in the integration of the 25MP camera and the software programming of the camera app, the F7 guarantees a highly detailed selfie; alongside a beautifying feature to soften the face features and accentuate skin tones, bone structures and eyes; all with just one touch.  The celebration was held at the Clubhouse, Uptown Cairo, and the big-wigs of OPPO made it to the launch and introduced the phone to the guests. To even make it better, they brought ABU to sing his sensational songs in celebration of the phone’s launch in Egypt.