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  • In Photos: Mindsalike is Back in Its Eighth Edition of Hip-Networking

    With an ever-growing interest in entrepreneurship across the millennial generation, the ability to network comes as a one-off chance that is often hindered by agendas, speeches, and an overall uncomfortable setting. Hence, Mahamad El Tanahy, an entrepreneur himself and the CEO of Bright Creations, decided to find the perfect balance for people to network freely. Chit-chats over a couple of Chivas, and to the sound of music, were the foundations that Mahamad El Tanahy has laid for his baby, Mindsalike: a networking event where giants from different professions meet to discuss future opportunities & collaborations, changes in the market, and to have fun! Last week, the eighth edition of the event was held at Stash Bar & Restaurant, and it saw some business community leaders sharing their expertise and ideas!