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  • In Photos: Ignite Hits the Road for Special Camp in Ras Sudr

    As Egypt's first and only performance training facility - don't you dare call it a gym - Ignite has been at the forefront of Egypt's recent fitness fanaticism. One of the reasons has been its infamous camps, which we were invited to the latest of. Now, when we heard Ras Sudr, we were already picking out which swimming costume we were going to take, but as we quickly found out, this is no day at the beach (har-har). The folk at Ignite mean business and put attendees and a group of invited influences and familiar faces through their paces. Although, to be fair, the evening games were a hoot and naturally, we weren't able to take part in as many of the drills as we wanted to because were, erm, taking photos and whatnot, ahem...