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  • In Photos: CJC 610 is Trance-endent with Beltagui, Paul & Ashmawy

    Last weekend, Cairo Jazz Club 610 welcomed the internationally acclaimed DJ, Hazem Beltagui, one of Egypt's finest DJs and producers, with the debut of his VIVID album. Beltagui's latest album is on the Future Sound of Egypt label. While it is not the first time that Beltagui has gone to extreme ends to find the freshest glamour of oriental and electronic fusions; it remains a fact that his sets bring raw emotions to the surface - all sorts of them. His music is too powerful for those who hide in the dark corners of a club, and a muse for those who are loose to the world's peaceful offerings. It is, in one way or another, inevitable to find yourself flowing with the rhythm, visualising the musical patterns all around you, touching each speck of the highs, mids and lows, and in turn, moving to the sounds. However, it wasn’t the only thing that set us free that night because the visiting DJ Paul Thomas continued the chant on CJC 610’s guests, and our local DJ Ashmawy did a B2B set with him in the end as well.