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  • In Photos: Cairo Jazz Festival Brings Panamanian & Egyptian Musicians Together for Special Performance

    Over the years, there have been few as culturally diverse phenomena as the annual Cairo Jazz Festival. 2017 saw the musical melee mark its ninth anniversary, but for the only Latin American country taking part this year, there was another special reason. For the second year running, female musicians from Panama took the time to collaborate with their Egyptian counterparts as part of a special initiative that aims to contribute to the social development and empowerment of women through art and culture, in collaboration with the Egyptian Feminist Union.

    Graciela Núñez (Violinist), Luz Acosta (singer and bassist) and Patricia Zárate (saxophonist and musician-therapist) touched down in Cairo for a special cocktail reception, which was followed by a special performance as part of what has been dubbed The PanAfrican Project. It was a unique attraction to the festival proper and continues to build on some much-needed cross-cultural work.