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  • In Photos: Cairo Jazz Club Celebrates Its 17th Anniversary!

    Close to two decades, and close to a lot of hearts out there. We are talking about Cairo Jazz Club folks. For well over a decade and a half (precisely 17 years), CJC has become the go-to club for music junkies. The reason could be the eclectic voices and tunes that have echoed through the venue, but even more so, it is the love vibes that we’ve all felt for the past couple of years. Without further ado, last night was extremely memorable at CJC, it was their 17th birthday! Shots, music, and love in the house! The club’s regulars were invited, and “luckily” so were we. The best DJs, Feedo & Mohasseb, shuffled through some hip sets to drown the noise of Cairo, while the Amro & The Big Bang Boogie gig got us weak at the knees. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CJC!